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Prison School Season 2: Data di uscita, trama, è più

Fans of the anime series Prison School have been eagerly anticipating the release of the season. In this post, we will discuss everything there is to about whether is there going to be a Prison School Season 2.

Recap of Prison School Season 1

Prison School season 1 follows the story of five male students who are the first to be admitted to the previously all-girls Hachimitsu Academy. However, their excitement is short-lived as they soon discover the strict and oppressive rules of the school, enforced by the Underground Student Council.

The boys are subjected to harsh punishments and humiliation, leading them to plot their escape. The season ends with the boys successfully escaping but with the threat of the Underground Student Council still looming over them.

Release date and platform for season 2

Prison School was released in 2015, a few years before Grande turchinu. It’s quite an old Anime by today’s standards, but certainly, one to watch. While it’s been a long time since the release of the first season, there is still hope for a new season. Let me explain why:

  • Prison School was a very popular and successful Anime.
  • Prison School Season 2 would be much wanted among fans.
  • Other Anime like Full Meta Panic or Aula di l'Elite have released additional seasons after long breaks of 2 years+

We would say given the Animes popular we would say that Prison School Season 2 release date would be somewhere around late 2023. However, Prison School Season 2 could most certainly begin production (if it has not already) by 2024.

The source material is written

Only the first 12 chapters of the manga are covered in the first 12 episodes of Prison School Season 1. There are 277 chapters in 28 volumes of the manga originale. Thus, 200 additional chapters are needed to produce Prison School Season 2 or additional seasons.

Prison School Season 2 release date
© Akira Hiramoto (Prison School Manga)

Author of mystery and horror books Naoyuki Uchida questioned Tsutomu Mizushima circa Shirobako and Prison School Season 2 through Twitter in 2015. “Thanks for watching continuously since SHIROBAKO,” he said. Regarding the second season, I’m not sure. Although I feel uncomfortable, I still want to do it.”

Hiramoto is working on other things

Akira hiramoto is currently hard at work on his brand-new manga for Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Magazine, which debuted in March 2022.

Unfortunately, there is currently no official release date for Prison School season 2. However, it has been confirmed that the season will be released on the same platform as the first season, which is the Japanese television network Tokyo MX.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the announcement of a release date and hoping for more information about the plot and characters in the upcoming season.

Plot Predictions and potential storylines

While there is no official information about the plot of Prison School season 2, fans have been speculating about what could happen next. Some predict that the season will pick up where the first season left off, with the boys still trying to escape from their all-girls prison.

Others believe that the season could introduce new characters or storylines, such as a rival school or a new warden. Regardless of what happens, fans are excited to see what the creators have in store for the beloved anime series.

Cast and character updates

There is no official information about the cast and characters for Prison School season 2. However, it is expected that the main cast from the first season will return. This includes the five male students who are imprisoned in the all-girls school. It will also include the school’s underground student council.

Fans are also hoping to see the return of Meiko Shiraki. She’s the sadistic vice-president of the council who became a fan favourite in the first season. As for new characters, it remains to be seen who will be introduced in the upcoming season.

Fan Expectations & Reactions for Prison School Season 2

Fans of Prison School are eagerly anticipating the release of season 2. Many speculate about what the plot will entail and which characters will make a return. Some fans are hoping for a continuation of the story from where season 1 left off. Others are hoping for a fresh new storyline.

There have been mixed reactions to the news of the upcoming season, with some fans excited and others sceptical about whether it will live up to their expectations. Regardless, the anticipation for Prison School season 2 is high among anime fans.

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